The Relative I didn’t know

I had known my husband for more than five years before we were married, but the skeletons in his closet did not emerge until another two years after that.  It was his brother who told me most of the story of the tulku in the family.  My husband hadn’t met him either.

As I fell asleep last night I was thinking about this mysterious member of the family I didn’t know as well as I imatined.  Was that what did it?

He showed up last night n a dream.  The words he left me were serious and
inspiringly simple and here they are:

the dances of youth for youth to play, their function is to entertain.

sit and be entertained.  Your role is
different now.

Your job is
to bless them on their way.

Join us as
an elder now and invisibly support them.

They need
you as much as you love them.”

I said, “Thank you, Elder, Living Legend, I am honored by your words.”

He smiled
at me.  I saw the smile though I still
hadn’t spotted the speaker’s face.

He said, “this
is the power of speech; use it well and honor with your word.

You have already noticed my sons, smiling youth in bright costumes and leather straps
embedded with amber round their heads: their forms are lovely, watch and bless
them with appreciative eyes.”

“I will”, I said.

“I am telling you this as I see in your heart that you love their dance and would
share in their joy.

Bless from the heart, share with the hands, take joy in what you see, and never forget to honor with your words.

At this the wise old relative faded out of my mind, leaving me honored by the gift of his

I was just returning my consciousness to my room when he returned, as I began mumbling my mantra, inspired in the wake of his departure.
Suddenly he said, “There’s something more.  The pieces of what I just said to you, others have said and others have heard.  Your job is to put it all together with life, to show people how those words work fully merged with life.  This is the import of the merger images in Nima’s paintings.

Bless from the heart

Share with the hands,

Take joy in what you see

And never forget

To honor with your words.


Those words are ancient teaching.  Show people how to infuse them in life.  That will bring your life to life, and will also bring their lives to life.  When they become your life, the teachings themselves are brought to life.

With this, I promise you strength, the vajra strength you seek.  Never again will a blessing from your mouth fail.

Then like a wisp of smoke, he disappeared.  I thought he was gone.

But no, just changed to an odd white light that melted my forehead,

And as I was pondering that, a light appeared differently, rosy at my mouth, where words come out,

And while I was pondering that, a turquoise light softly bathed my chest.

It was so different from what I used to think the “OM, AH, HUM” (Nirmanakaya-Sambhogakaya-Dharmakaya) blessing of lights should be, it was an hour or more before I made the connection with the words of that blessing I had read so many times before.

I thought to myself, Those words and lights are the blessing of all I’ve been and done.

Those words and lights I’ll keep at my pillow where they can keep me warm.

I sat there feeling a joyful flooding outward from my heart,

And a grace.  This year’s Thanksgiving has a very superior start.



The Shadow of the Holy One

I saw his smile without seeing his face.


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I loved working as a lawyer but the day came when I thought I should round out my existence a little. So I got married and moved out to the Wild West of China. I got my fill of it, and the stories are in The Entertainer is the Charm. It was a time of many heartbreaks and much learning. Even more adventurous than law. More dangerous too. I guess you grow up by facing danger.
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