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I loved working as a lawyer but the day came when I thought I should round out my existence a little. So I got married and moved out to the Wild West of China. I got my fill of it, and the stories are in The Entertainer is the Charm. It was a time of many heartbreaks and much learning. Even more adventurous than law. More dangerous too. I guess you grow up by facing danger.

Tibetan Traditions

The poignancy is that these traditions are endangered, soon to become extinct.  Like the beauty of a sunset.  You can feel it in the exuberance of a Tibetan dance, or the melodious all of a mountain song, or the special … Continue reading

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The Relative I didn’t know

I had known my husband for more than five years before we were married, but the skeletons in his closet did not emerge until another two years after that.  It was his brother who told me most of the story … Continue reading

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 mountain air has a light almost too clear to bear My brother-in-law Nima Dorje was born into the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution of China.  His father is a member of the extremely powerful Pabalankalilangjye family, hereditary rulers of Western … Continue reading

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le Rousseau

I took a longish walk through the reeds today.  They are tall, some almost 20 feet tall.  They swayed and whispered in the wind and I had an odd daydream as I walked along, that I was on my way … Continue reading

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welcome to my first book

It is history, it is heart rending, it is the story of my search for happiness, a search that woke up the happiness, and when I didn’t find it, it found me! Human nature has her own form of welcoming … Continue reading

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